Gift face mask for over 5000 Ft

Textil Clinic or

cloth alteration, reparation service

How to use the promotion?

It is valid in case of using any Cloth Clinic or cloth alteration, reparation service. , if it exceeds the value of 5,000 HUF .
It cannot be exchanged for cash.

textil szájmaszk tulajdonságai

Why a good choice?

Our services are wide-ranging, whether it’s a small repair or an unique cloth custom.

Bring your winter jacket or leather jacket to be repaired.
We are waiting for zipper replacement and repair as well

In case of a webshop order:

In case you buy for more than 5000 HUF from the web store, select a gift textile face mask as well. Please do not add this to the cart.  Please write us in the comment box, which face mask would you like as a gift, with an ear or headband? We will automatically send you/give you the gift mask when we are shipping you your order.

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Belvárosi szájmaszk szaküzlet
VII. Akácfa u. 41

Promotion duration:

The face mask promotion is valid until 2021.12.15  and while stocks last.

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